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Exclusive Package

6 months UNLIMITED private coaching

The new flagship package of HumanRx is designed for a person with complicated unresolved lower back problems which stop you from working and enjoying daily life. Exclusive package includes UNLIMITED sessions within 6 months meaning you’ll have Martin’s undivided attention as much as it’s really needed. To maintain the highest possible quality Exclusive Package is limited to 2 patients at the same time.

  • Unlimited “On Site” Private Coaching
  • “8h On-Call”
  • Free Choice of Training Times
  • Unlimited Rescheduling
  • Weekly Personalised Training Plans
  • Unlimited Email Replies
  • Personalised Exercises Per Video

Price: 9’920.- 

Maintenance Package

8 Semi-Private Coaching Sessions

Maintenance package is for you once we have established a good quality of life and you are capable of maintaining your own prescribed exercise routine but would still benefit from monthly check ups with Martin. Maintenance Package is limited to 10 patients at the same time.

  • 8 “On Site” Private Coaching sessions within 6 months
  • 1 Rescheduling per month free of charge.

Price: 1’360.-